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what used car to buy? 7 k to spend

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My wifes boss wants to get his college age son a used car and has up to $7,000 to spend. His objectives are good mileage, excellent realiability and good resale value. I believe he also wants an automatic. What would you reccommend?
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my coworker bought a 1999 RS coupe 5MT for $7kish (80k miles).. you can find better deals from a private seller for $6k.. heck, the RS is soo good that I use it for autox on the weekends (again, it's my coworker's car, :lol: ):






note, used cars at that low of a price is not worth reselling, just drive the car until it rusts off.. start this kid off right, get him a Subaru and tell the kid to learn how to drive a stick, it's all for the better ;)

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