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My Leggy is gonna be done at the shop tonight. It's gettin fixed from when some 16 y/o t-boned me. Anyways theres always the old wash with cold water only and no wax for like six weeks claim that they throw at you at the shop. I'm a bit obsessive and I don't know that I can wait that long to protect this beautiful machine from all that nature has to throw at it. I've heard from some body guys that this is an old wives tail. Then others say this is gospel and not to let the new paint even see wax. The ? at hand is can I or can't I wax the new paint???????!!!!!!:confused: :confused:
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I say that you should do whatever the shop tells you to do. If they did a crappy job and the paint starts to peel after two weeks then the first thing they will want to do before repainting it is blame it on you. If there is any wax on the new paint then they won't fix it even if it would have happened regardless of you waxing or not. Be patient and wait the amount of time they tell you. Different body shops use different painting techniques. Some techniques require that you allow the paint to fully cure and gas out for awhile and others don't. Don't listen to another body shop's advice when they have no idea how or what kind of paint was used by your shop. Always follow the painter's advice when it comes to washing and waxing new paint. If for no other reason than it will affect your warranty if you don't listen. You should still take the painter's word as gospel. They are ultimately the one responsible for the paint job.


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