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LED turn signals on side mirrors


D-Surpass レガシー用LEDウインカーミラーレンズ゙新発売!! http://www.hipposleek.co.jp/image/5x5.jpg 安全性、ファッション的にも他車と差を付けるLEDウインカーミラーレンズが完成!

装着は簡単で、純正ドアミラーレンズの上に貼り付け、配線加工だけで、ウインカー作動時に、ミラーに矢印のように光るます。後方他車からの視認性の向上で 安全性が増し、ウインカーの誤作動防止など、ドライバーの注意力の喚起にも役立ち、ファッション的にも、さりげなくアピールします。更に、アンバー(オレ ンジ)は車検対応になります。

BP/BL(A-C型)用は、現在、製作中で、納期が8月頃になってしまいますが、先行ご予約受付中です! http://www.hipposleek.co.jp/newproduct/image/led_w_01.jpghttp://www.hipposleek.co.jp/newproduct/image/led_w_02.jpghttp://www.hipposleek.co.jp/newproduct/image/led_w_03.jpghttp://www.hipposleek.co.jp/image/5x5.jpg ●車種 



BP/BL用(アップライドA~C型)2006.8月発売予定(BP5/BPE/BL5/BLE) http://www.hipposleek.co.jp/image/5x5.jpg カラー(アンバー/レッド)アンバーのみ車検対応。


15,540 YEN

This Space For Rent

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I don't quite get it....at least not for the GT models......


Our LEDs on the external rear-view mirrors are visible from behind the vehicle, too..... right?


Well, who am I to say - seeing as I love all things blinky and shiny, I'd love these as an add-on :D , somewhat pricy, though.


Thanks for the find!

<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

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Tea tray thingie is bad.


CF Steering wheel, mirror covers, and other CF stuff is pretty cool.


I would seriously consider the black or silver CF mirror covers, depending on the paint color... S4 has silver mirrors regardless of paint, and looks decent.


The LED Mirrors are a nice touch. Reduntant, maybe... but the front facing LEDs wrap around the very end of the mirror, and you can see a small bit of it from behind. These LED mirrors would be much more obvious, which is kind of the point of additional turn signals.


I wonder if both sides are convex mirrors, or flat, or just the left is convex. The joys of parts from Japan... they drive on the other side of the road.

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