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Metro Boston acts of kindness and generosity....


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I live in Boston proper and see people do nice things all the time. And in the Sunday Globe there were not one but two instances of local drivers - one a cabbie - leading people to their destination because it was too difficult to explain (this happens when your city was laid out by 17th century cows). Ironically one of our NH employees visited Boston last weekend and had the same thing happen to her.


If you live in or visited New England and something nice happened to you, lets hear it! Especially Boston and 495 belt!

Who Dares Wins


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Every once in a while you read stories about tourists and young students and even really young innocent kids getting caught up in gang warfare cross-fire. But for the most part in downtown Boston people are generally reasonably well behaved. The best way to learn your way around Boston is to drive around the area during the daytime.
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