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NY/NJ Meet anyone ?


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That sucks,that happened today?


I figured maybe with in the next couple of weeks depending on respones. We could set something up maybe on a Saturday in the evening so we don't have to bake in the sun.

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I'm in as long as i'm around. I haven't heard any dates mentioned yet so i'll list all of the weekends in August.

There is August 5 - 6th, August 12 - 13th, August 19 - 20 and august 26 - 27.


Now that i listed the dates i realize i wont be around the 1st one because i'm celebrating my 21st bday in the city, and the 3rd one i'll be in amsterdam, the fourth one i'll probably be upstate so maybe i wont be able to make it afterall. That being said above the dates of saturdays and sundays in august are listed so you guys can decide when this drive/ meet will be.


I vote for drive!

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I aint hangin out with you internet freaks!!!!!!!!!!






















































:lol: j/k. I won't be able to make any meats tho. I got way too much shit to do for the next 6 weeks.

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