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New Legacy owner & detail fanatic

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Hello all,


1st time poster. Just picked up a new SWP Legacy Special Edition sedan. I know it's not a GT but I have an 11 second Turbo Buick to fufill my power needs.


I am the former owner of a detailing shop and still do work for certain clients. Glad to see there are others as crazy about their cars as I am. My license plate says SPTLSS so you get the idea.


Have had the car for 2 wks and already three coats of Z2 (I swear by Zaino products). Never tried Wolfgang so I'll give that a shot.


Props to all who are obsessed w/ cleaning our cars.


I'm now going to the garage to wipe down the Legacy (for the 2nd time today)....

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Welcome to LGT! Leave it to a detailer to come in with a white car. :lol: I went from a white car to a dark blue car and then right back to silver. Dark cars are way too much work for obsessive compulsive cleaners like me. lol


Having used plenty of Zaino in the past, including on my white car, I think you'll be impressed with Wolfgang. Zaino is a great product on dark colors, but it doesn't do the same thing on white and silver for my taste. Everybody's tastes are different, so definitly don't switch if what you are using works for you. :)


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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My last car of nine yrs was silver and I love the SWP on these cars.


Have never owned a dark colored car and probably never will.


I'll be placing my order for Wolfgang soon & will report back w/ the results.

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As for Zaino on Garnet Red, I have used Zaino on red cars with impressive results.


I am a staunch supporter of Zaino due to appearance and durability. I apply a coat every 1-2 wks which obviously in not necessary being that Zaino has insane durability. I just take expert care of my cars.


I used Zaino on my pewter Camaro SS show car and Zaino can do amazing things. Just make sure you take your time with the upfront prep work and it's all worth it.


Only downfall w/ Zaino is it doesn't like to be used w/ other products.


Good luck. You will not be disappointed.

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