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Bye bye popits


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I finally got sick of losing the damn popits, not being able to get them into where they are supposed to go, and breaking them off, so I replaced them all on the engine cover with some studs and wing nuts.

Simple, easy and no more struggling with those little buggers !

I think by replacing the engine cover, it should help funnel air into the IC, and also it's somewhere to place the STi water spray nozzles, that will be my next project.


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maybe try some 1/4 turn Dzus clips.. I use them on the race bikes, they are quick easy and look good. You can get a rivet style backpiece or a clip on style. Both work great.


Looks better I agree, I'll have to machine up some pins at work that fit now.


Where would I get these Dzus clips from ?

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Oh snap!


That cover ain't never gonna fly off by itself! ;)


Hey bro, just make sure that the hardware is either stainless or you've got some anti-seize on there....

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before you changed it to studs and nuts, where did you get your popits?

i need like 5 of'em..

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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Guest *Jedimaster*
get them at a dealer. btw how many times do you take the cover off that you wear them out? bosco

About twice.

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I had mine off for a while now, in fact it was off when you gave my engine the evil eye in Niagara, I knew you were mentally loosening that nut :lol:


I just felt I would prefer it to look more "stock" like, incase I ever get stopped by the Po Po, and I tend to think it does help a little funnel airflow into the IC.

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Great idea! I'm 10 days into owning my '06 XT, and, of course, I wanted to look under the cover. Damn those plastic parts!! Already lost one and busted one. I didn't know they were called "popits". I would call 'em popsh$^%ts.


Can you tell me how you anchored the bolt for the wing nut?? Thanks.

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