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Just have to rant about selfish, rude people


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I get out to my Legacy GT 2005 - still in great shape! - and the wife says, "Honey, you are not going to be happy..." Some one at my neighborhood Lowes evidently thought that handicapped parking is a good place to shove their lumber cart. The thing had slammed into the passenger side door and put a nice dent into it. What gets me is that someone else also pushed a shopping cart into the spot, and it, too, was up against my car (albeit with no damage).


Grrrr. </rant>


Debating on calling insurance/and or a shop to have them fix it.

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This just happened to me too this weekend... but not as bad.


Wife brings back the car from the shopping mall... big black scrape from the rear driver's side rim all the way back to the end.


I used bug and tar remover to take off all the black rubber but the bumper fascia is missing some paint. Looks like a lowered car hit it.


I'm debating on how I should fix it. My car is ABP so most people don't notice the black spots showing through. I might buy some matching paint and use an airbrush to touch it up. Anyone know of a good website which has "how-to."

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