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WNCrides invites you to the Tail of the Dragon August 12th and 13th


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Please feel free to post this on any other forum, we're open to anyone as long as they obey the rules.


WNCrides wants to invite you to come to the tail of the dragon with us again in 2006. We had 20+ cars come on a rainy weekend in March. If you missed it in March, or can't make this one, you've got one shot left in '06. We're gonna make another trip in October/November as well. We should be in the clear for great driving conditions. Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, Graham Co, NC k i l l b o y . c o m will also be out on the weekend, you can check out the pictures from the weekend on the following Wednesday. I'll be running a few times and doing pictures for a few trips each day. If I shoot your car on Saturday, I should be able to give you a CD of the pictures that night, i'll just need you to contact me Saturday sometime.


All details are set for our trip. I've booked two rooms at the Microtel Inn, in Robbinsville. Check in will be 3pm (if we're early and they are clean we can check in) Two rooms, total comes to around $80 for each room. $20 a person, not bad at all.


Hotel Info : Microtel Inn

Two rooms side by side

$20 = 1 person (4 to a room)


In hotel:






John (flat4inRC)



We'll depart from Asheville @ 10am from the Biltmore Mall. We'll be taking the Blue Ridge Parkway as far as we can, then taking whatever road we need to to get there.


We'll check in when we get there and unload the cars @ the hotel or where you're staying. Then we'll hit the road again for some driving on the dragon. Some of us might want to hit the skyway as well, which is fine. You are on your own for this trip, if you want to run the dragon, run, if you dont, dont.


Things to do, things we're doing

All I ask is that everyone tries to get together for a group photo Sunday morning. Time 10am, Location TBA asap. I will arrange for everyone to meet for dinner in Robbinsville Saturday night. Lets plan on 8pm for dinner. Again, location TBA. I will make sure everyone knows the location of dinner, just be sure to at least check this thread a few days before we leave. Or email me eric@wncrides.com


We can get together for breakfast if anyone wishes or those of us can eat at the hotel in the morning (I think, i'll double check)


Sunday you can go home at whatever time you wish. I know most of us will prolly make runs on the tail through mid afternoon or so. I think i'll prolly head home around 3-4pm Sunday. Again if you wanna go or stay, feel free.


Quick notes for the weekend.

Meet @ the mall between 9:30 - 10:00 am

Depart for the dragon via Blue Ridge Parkway --- 10am

Hotel check in --- 3:00pm

In spare time or after check in --- Drive the dragon & skyway

Dinner for everyone if you wish --- 8pm, location TBA

Night runs, photoshoot if you wish (contact me or Justin)

Hanging out @ hotel, campgrounds, lakes, etc. -- all night

Breakfast for everyone 8-9am if you wish --- location tba

Group photo --- Sunday, 10am. Location TBA but prolly near the dams.

Run the dragon until you quit --- after photos

Go home, post pictures, talk about, plan for next trip --- Sunday night


Again, I think this is all the info I need to post. Please, PLEASE repost this on other sites. Lets make it a big meet again.


Contact info for myself & Austin


eric email ---> eric@wncrides.com

eric aim ---> anthentheresERIC

austin email ---> austin@wncrides.com

austin aim ---> NC Austin 19

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