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Socal -Free Cingular Family Lines!!!


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Gauging Interests!!! Offer Ends 7/31/06



Our Company has special promotion for this month. Every customer activate new Family line for $9.99 without Phone for 1 year contract, our company will pay 1 year service plan free including $26 Activation fee.


This is only One Time offer deal!!! The benefit you are getting here is, if you need additional lines for your friends or family, with this offer you will get the additional family lines FREE!!! Provided with FREE sim cards for your FREE additional lines!!!


There are two conditions to this:


1. If you're looking to activates new line with Cingular, Open the basic Primary Family line for $50/month, and we will add the additional secondary family line for $9.99 Free! You will only have to pay $50 a month out of your pocket, any additional lines added we will rebate the money right back to you!!!


2. If currently you have Primary Family line with Cingular, we will add additonally lines onto your account, and you will still pay the same monthly payment you've been paying but also get new additional lines FREE!!!




With each $9.99 secondary lines opened, you will get $140 rebates to cover the yearly fee, that means if you get 4 additional lines opened you will get $560 Rebate to cover the yearly fees. Up to 5 additional lines can be added!


you will be the one who decides whether or not you want to use the money to buy new phones.


You can cancel this after 1 year period, I'm not BSing, company needs to boost lines sold quota.


Get On This, Contact me for more information and store locations!!!!

Baldwin Park

Diamond Bar


El Monte

Hacidena Heights

Monterey Park

Santa Ana



Rowland Heights

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i would drop verizon but thier service is top notch...phone seclection sucks more than a pron star that won best BJ at the AVN awarrds... but maybe once they fully go back to the ATT wireless name..then maybe... but it is a good deal, how long do you pay the same for?

Current:MY05 SWP wagon - 253/290 :rolleyes: UP, AEM CAI, Invidia Q300, tuned@yimisport

OLD: MY06 GRP - 274/314 :cool:

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