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LGT spec B vs Mazdaspeed 6

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I have been in the market for some time now for a new car and narrowed it down to those two.


I trust the technology in the LGT more and the fact that it is a true awd car instead of awd on demand. However two things bug me about it, interior color (not in love with either the rad or blue), and the extra cost for a car with less hp.


The MS6 has more power, more "toys", has an all black leather interior, and is cheaper. Problme is that it has awd on demand (haldex) awd, Mazda's new engine with direct fuel injection that they have already have problems with and I don't really love the exterior of it.


THen there is another problem if I go with the LGT. I know that the 06's were limited and I know of 3 dealers near me all still with theirs and one is heavily discounted right now. Problem is the 07's have a lot more new features like a 6speed, memory seats, different color (I like either exterior color), and SI drive and a big plus to me is that the 07's have fold down rear seats.


I personally want nav whiich is available on both otherwise I would just buy a regular LGT with a stick.


So I know this is possibly going to be one sided being this is a LGT website, but just wondering what you all think.



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well. you will get a lot of feedback on here.


quick break down.


Mazda has "more" horsepower, but its a pig. The weight destroys any power advantage it has.


The Mazda AWD system is FWD based and only transfers more power to the rear when needed. Subaru is 50/50 all the time.


The Mazda has a Top mount intercooler like the subaru, but NO HOOD SCOOP to help cool it. It just sits on top of the engine and cooks, which results in heat soak making the intercooler next to useless once the car is warmed up.


Fake exhuast ports.:lol: Mazda was so cheap that they actuall put chrome oval disks in the rear bumber to make it look like it had big pipes. When you look under the car it just a tiny little pipe sticking in there.


Mazda=Ford. Never a good thing.


Somebody on here please forward this man that AWD comparo article from a few months ago. (Mazda got like 4th or 5th place)


(NOTE: you can get a Subaru GT Limited, not the Spec-B and dump about 1-2K into it and it will have 99% of the handling as the Spec B or the Mazda, but save about 4-5K in the initial cost.)

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I thought I heard that the 07 six speed is derived from the Sti which means it is more stout the the current 5 speed right?


Just wondering.


BTW I am lazy and having that extra gear means more shifting which I don't particularly want to do, but if it is a beefier trans it might be worth it.


Thanks for all the info so far!

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the mazdaspeed6 was good only on paper....all the hype died down after details were released....infact i havent seen one on the road till date and the local dealership has them by the dozen...no one wants one...must be a reason


legacy = better awd, better engine, more mod capability and better bang for ur $.

comparing the legacy with an A4 or 330ix would be a fair competition (brand snobbery excluded) but then it will win out on the price and mod factor.

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Stronger, more aftermarket clutches, better control.



Didnt want you talking to yourself any more :lol:


why is it stronger? same as STI?


you have made good points, but mine are valid as well.

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I know of 3 dealers that still have their 06 spec B's and one is advertising it for $31,000 (sticker $35,5--). THey aren't moving the spec B's easy either.


Where are you located? Subaru seems to a regionally popular car. It must also be noted that the LGT is a foray into a new market demographic for SOA. It is primarily known for their wagons in the general public and the WRX among performance heads.


I had an interesting chat with a WRX owner the other day. I went into a store a couple of days ago and parked right behind a gray WRX. It took me a about 10 minutes to get out of there but the WRX owner was waiting for me in the 100F heat. He was very curious about the Spec. B. He said he noticed the hood scoop and wondered if the car was actually turboed. I didn't tell him that it was a Spec. so the questions he asked were generic LGT ones. The long and short of it was that he said he had no idea Subaru produced a car like that. He said while he loved he WRX, a Subie with the same engine and some luxury was really appealing to him. I got the impression that the WRX was a little too hard core for 3 years worth of everyday transportation. He said he was going to check one out right away.


So there you have it: A Subie enthusiast and owner who had no clue there was even such thing an LGT yet alone a Spec. variant.

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In northeastern IL. I live about 30mins from the IL WS border. A little while ago there was a dealer in Chicago ( I want to say Mid City SUbie) had 3-7 Spec B's. By me There are 3 with in 25 miles.


If the guy didn't know about LGT''s the same could apply to Mazdaspeed 6's to Mazda guys.

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