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Last night at Atco...


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.... was my first time running the car this year. Last time was over a year ago and the best time I ran was 13.9 @ 98.

My current mods are RallyPerformance shorty downpipe, sti uppipe, Perrin lightweight pulley, and AP w/ TDC stage 2 e-tune. Temperature was in the lower 80's with about 50% humidity. I was only able to get 2 runs in about 4.5 hours time as the track was packed:( . Here are some pics from the staging lanes - Videos below.








In the picture above, the Mustang Gt in front of me was the car I raced in my second run.


Here's the first run video - > Putfile - atco LGT vs El Camino

I thought for sure I was going to be owned by the El Camino. It sounded mean:eek:

....until he stalled after launching:lol: I didn't do too well myself as I hit the rev limiter in 1st and when I shifted to second....well you can see in the video:lol: As it's been said many times here, heat soak is definitely a problem with the stock intercooler:icon_mad:

After my first run, I knew I'd have alot of time till my next so I bought a small bag of ice for the intercooler (no soap - so it was safe:icon_bigg )



---------LGT -------vs -------El Camino (year unknown)

R/T -.--510 ------------------1.277

60' ----2.017 ----------------3.682

330----5.888---------------- 8.252

1/8 ----9.096 ---------------11.932

MPH-- -76.24 ---------------67.84

1000---11.846 -------------15.120

1/4--- -14.184 -------------17.798

MPH ---96.31 ---------------84.47


My last run was my best. The car felt much stronger and the ACT 6 puck clutch seemed to engage with a little more clamping force than the first launch. I still shifted a little late into 2nd (6900rpm), but was able to pull off a decent run. I know the 60ft could be a couple of tenths less, but I attribute that to the clutch not being hot enough.

I think with a better launch and better shifting, a 13.4 - 13.5 is possible w/ stock intercooler.


Second run video - LGT vs Mustang GT - > Putfile - ATCO LGT vs Mustang GT


--------LGT----- vs. -------Mustang GT

R/T--- 1.039 --------------.808

60' ---2.002 --------------2.061

330 --5.737 --------------5.977

1/8 ---8.825 --------------9.790

MPH --79.85 --------------67.70

1000- 11.470 ------------12.718

1/4 ---13.729 ------------15.111

MPH --100.15 ------------94.90


After this run, the Mustang driver flew up behind me as I was picking up my slip with his head hanging out trying to figure out what kind of car just beat him:lol:

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Nice videos. The C&D long term testers also spanked a few Mustangs....I guess it's mustang season, huh?


Yeah it's definitely Mustang season. It seemed half the cars there were mustangs:confused: There were only two other subies there, both WRX's.

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Nice results, you should show the camera man/woman how to use the zoom feature though ;)


Actually it was filmed with a cheap digital camera - you cannot use zoom in video mode:icon_mad:

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Get a new version with high Megapixels (6.0 or higher) and you'll be able use zoom while shooting video.


It was my gf camera so I really can't complain. I'll get another one eventually. My old one was stolen by movers when I moved.

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