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Installed my Prodrive Axleback tonight


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http://www.jeremykeith.com/Prodrive.mov (quick time .mov)


http://www.jeremykeith.com/Prodrive.mp4 (MPEG H.264 .mp4 ... uploading tonight)




So far I love it, it's very subtle, but in true Prodrive fashion it's there when you romp on it. The tips stick out a little beyond stock, a comprise they made so it fit the wagon's and sedans. But all in all they don't stick out beyone the center point of the rear bumper, so I'm happy.


The sound in the movie really doesn't do it justice, at idle, or around town, it's just as quiet (sometimes I think quieter) then the stock cans, but definately noticable when on the gas. Just what I was looking for, that and there is a noticable lack of drop in RPMs when you let off the throttle, all that backpressure has been released.


So far, I'm one happy camper, coming off the autospeed, which I thought was too loud for my liking these are a great comprimise.

'20 Legacy XT Touring

13 Subarus and counting: http://jmaigroup.com/subarus/

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