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Anybody with Rota Vortex on Legacy?


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I already did a photochoped of it but I'm not satisfied of how it look. I really like to see some real pictures of it.


I want some new wheels and I can't choose between the Rota Vortex, Battle and Group A.



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Cross the Battles off the list, unless you can find a used set, they don't make them anymore.


The reason no one has the Vortex, is that they look like sh!t.


I had Battles on my 2003 WRX and really like those. They still are on Rota website, why do you say they don't make them anymore.


About the Vortex, I saw a car on the road the other day that as something like the Vortex but didn't have the time to really look at the car (was running). It's why I want to see some pictures. I'm really not sure about that look.

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