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Tinting Third Brake Light?


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Hey all,


I just got an STi replica lip trunk spoiler and it has the LED brake light built into it. Since I have my tail lights tinted already, I wanted to complete the look and tint the light bar on the spoiler too. However, the tint shop I went to today said they couldn't tint it because it was plastic and the tint wouldnt stick.


Any suggestions on what I can use to tint the plastic? The clearguard tint I put on the taillights is a good adhesive, but does anyone sell just a rectangular piece that I can cut myself to fit?

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"""is a unique transparent black taillight lens coating for creating that custom European styling. When applied to taillights, fog lights or turning indicators, VHT NITE SHADES appears black until they are lit, then the natural red re-appears. Customize lenses for only a fraction of the cost of expensive conversion kits. 7 oz Can."""


they sell it several places just look it up


Caswell Inc. - VHT Specialty Coatings

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