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next ct subaru meet august 5th!!!!


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Next CT Subie Meet will be in Danbury, Saturday Aug 5th, 4:00PM at Fontana's 2 acre Home. For those who met at Fontana's before the Marcus Dairy meet, definatley saw how perfect this would be. HOT DOGS & HAMBURGERS. I will start the list today so please PM me.


For those who missed our last meet check this out.



Please PM me your Phone number, E-mail, legacygt name, and First name if you are interested in the August Subie meet. I will start to build a contact list. (I was so happy with yesterdays turnout I forgot to get this info from everyone. )


Straight to Fontana's List

1.SubaruSteve (Pm'd Info)


3.GottaREX (Pm'd Info)

4.Bman (Pm'd Info)


6.PattyB69 (Pm'd Info)




Derby,RT34 Home Depot Parking lot Meeting Place w/ JStyles21 List (3:00)


2.Pistol (Pm'd Info)

3.horrorbiz (Pm'd)


Norwalk Meeting Place with LOCO20 List (3:00)

1.chlnOrSlpn? (Pm'd Info)

2.sodo (Pm'd Info)

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If I remember correctly I did send u a PM with all my info, not that it really matters all that much anyway.


and Lucas, you actually gonna come this time or will it "be too sunny to drive"? Haha, just playin.


hey the rain doest scare me but i like to chill and get to know people and with rain its a lil hard to do....


the rain was much worse in my area i guess....

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