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Appologies if this was answered before as my search did not turn up anything (I also looked at OCD's website)....


Should I use a finishing pad to apply a paint cleaner/polish with a PC? I know that a polishing pad is better to get best results with polishing/paint claners. However, I wonder if a polish/claner like Meguires or Klasse AIO would still work ok if applied with a finishing pad. I already use a finishing pad to apply NXT. I would buy another to use with polish. I just dont want to do "too much" with a polishing pad and figured that the abrasiveness of the product itself would be (should be?) enough to polish out very small scratches and swirls with a PC without the need to use a more abrasive pad (and the danger of me "doing to much" and messing up my paint with said polish pad).


Thoughts, opinions? thanks.

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