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GT35R STi > 06 or 07 LGT Auto


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Hello all! Ive been on this forum for awhile now and have always had my eye on the new Legacy's, now im ready to buy one! I currently have a 05 STi with the Perrin GT35R kit bla bla bla. I have it up for sale and have a local guy coming to look at it today and I think he's pretty serious so we'll see what happens. On to the questions!


Is it true that the 07 LGT's will not have the shift controls on the steering wheel?


Is black leather available on the white 07 LGT's?


Is there an updated Navi CD out yet? (my buddy has one and the software is about 2-3 years old!!)


Will the Si-Drive make it harder to mod the car? For example; Will adding a Accessport disable the use of the Si-Drive?


Last but not least, is DB the only company that makes a bolt on location 20G? I cant justify spending $1600.00 for a 20G :lol:



There is one 2006 white Auto LGT in the state so im wondering if I need to wait for the 07's or try to get a good deal on the 06....

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The shift controls I'm pretty sure will still be on the steering wheel.


I don't think black leather will be available on white.


Can't answer the Navi-CD question


Si-Drive... only time will tell, but my guess is no.


AVO makes a turbo but its price is terrible too. The best bet is to put on a front mount and use a wrx/sti style turbo or sti swap then put a bigger turbo on.



If it was me I would try to get a good deal on the 06 and then trade in 08 when the updated body style reaches our shores.

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