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Fs: '04 Cbr 600rr


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Helping my neighbor sell his CBR - if anyone is interested let me know. It's in great condition, fun as hell to ride. Probably not great for beginners. Willing to let it go for $6000.


for a second thought that was yours. $600 and thats my final offer:icon_bigg


still interested in swapping headlights?

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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more pics!


I will tomorrow - they're on my computer at work.


This bike is a blast to ride... so freaking fast, it's crazy. Not the most comfortable bike to ride though. (compared to my shadow :lol: )


If i had the cash, I'd buy this bike.




C-lo - yeah, i'm still interested... But i'm an idiot and decide to scrape bug guts off the headlights with the rough side of a sponge.. so i've got to find a way to polish out a 2"x2" section of headlight first. :(

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Details: Mileage, maintenance, etc.??? Inquiring minds need to know these things to make an informed decision.


Good luck.



- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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Its fast but not that fast :icon_wink



A kid i know just picked up a ZX-14 1352cc


heh... well when 95% or you're riding experience is on a ninja250 or a honda shadow -- the 600RR feels pretty F'ing fast. :lol:


Honestly though, I cannot imagine anything faster. As it was - I had to hang on for dear life to keep from being tossed right off the bike. Anything with more power and i'd never be able to keep the front wheel on the ground. :icon_wink







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