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Any source for Subaru shop manuals?

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Hi folks,


New '06 OBW owner here (as of tomorrow). I'm wondering if there are any shop manuals available for the Legacy/OB. I do a fair amount of my own wrench-turning and have been spoiled by my history of BMW, Volkswagen and MINI ownership and the availability of excellent (IMHO) Bentley factory manuals for those makes.


FWIW, we're trading in my wife's 2000 VW Golf 1.8T...we love the car but the problems are starting to creep in at 91k and 6.5 years. We got a killer deal on an Outback 2.5i plus $5k for trade so we're giving this a try. As much as we'd have liked to we didn't reach to the XT but for now the NA motor will suffice.


Anyway...thanks in advance!



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