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Pls help w/99 GT turbo

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Hello everybody,


I just aquired a beautiful professionally built 99 GT with a greddy turbo in it among other things.


The problem is that someone stole the intercooler from the car while it was parked in the dealers backlot. The original intercooler was manufactured by a company called Minnam Racing out of Canada but I've been unable to find contact info. for them. I've been searching ebay for top mount intercoolers and keep finding them built for a WRX. Will these fit? Do you guys have any advice on which to get or how to contact Minnam?


Any and all info. is greatly appreciated as I don't know very much about cars but really want to learn so that I can restore this machine to its former greatness and hopefully enjoy it for years to come. It really is a beautiful car.


The former owner has a page devoted to it (Craig Batstone's 1999 Turbo Subaru Legacy GT) and you can see the intercooler and how it hooked up so if you can think of anything which would fit well in its place please let me know.


Thanks for the help guys, I really need it.



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Wow that is a blast from the past.


A WRX or STi intercooler can likely be made to fit, but it will take some work.


I would post your question on Welcome to NASIOC.com - North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club - News as there are lot more people there who know about this old kit.

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