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instead of buying new emblems/overlays...


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why not paint them... got this idea from a friend (thelexi)


just sand the black backing/blue paint from the back side of the emblem..



and the plastic is clear for painting



except the recesses for the stars, unless you want to paint them a different color...or for the rear you could hog out the stars and paint the whole thing body color..full debaged:icon_mrgr


but i havent tried the rear emblem yet... is it just peel off adhesive? or are there some pins you have to get to inside the panels....

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the guy that does the overlays....GrafxWerkz...his roommate does this for the Impreza crowd. I dig it.



oh i hope i didnt mess up his game... :(



but i thought it would be fun to furthur confuse the masses with pink emblems....:lol:

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You can use crest tooth past to polish the plastic to look like glass, for the finish. I will take a pick of mine when I get a chance I painted the back with the brake caliper paint I used (as it was the only other color on the car) it is an orangey red.


Thanks for the idea! Just wish the one on the engine cover was the same type.

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This is an old mod we did to the RS back in the day:icon_cool ,,works just fine.Fine steel wool (000)also works as an abrasive for the sanding part.

I did this to my wifes front grill badge on her silver 2.5i Ltd.,,,.painted the backround a darkish red.

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