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New England Flat Four (F4)


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Hey guys. Over on clubWRX we have a bunch of local groups that are called F4 (Flat Four), for the flat four engine layout. We would like to welcome you guys to join us. I realize the 3.0R is a H6 but I dont think their are that many to make it a big deal.


If you get SubieSport Magazine you have seen the Vegas F4 club. We also have chapters in SoCal, Florida, Arizona, and a new one in NJ is forming.


So what are the benefits?


1) A nice shiny F4 sticker

2) Meets...we have a bar meet this Friday, and we have others all the time.

3) We have members from CT, MA, NH, VT, RI


Stickers cost about $5 and are made by one of our members.


Here is the sticker on my WRX.



Here is the LGT version...2.5i members can just center the N.E. and leave off the LGT as the stickers are individual letters. Also, multiple color combinations are available to suit each cars exterior.


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