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My friend just gave me his mtx subs(2) for free. He got some new ones and he was too lazy to put them up for sale, so he just handed them over. I had a few question about setting up a system in my car. A) Where would be the best place in the trunk to put them? I was thinking about up on the back seats, but I'm not sure. B) I'm going to run the wires under the pannels in the int., but when I get under the hood, is there a spot that I can pop out and plug into the back of the radio that wont screw anything up? C) Would it be easier to get someone to install for me? Thanks a lot -Dave
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a- someone did some testing in a WRX, and found that the best bass response occurred when the sub was placed in the trunk against the tailgate on the driver's side with the woofer firing towards the back of the rear seat. i can't quote the person who did all the work, i just remember reading the thread on NASIOC. honestly though, i think you'll be happy with the sound putting it anywhere, as the bass response from the stock system is ungood.

b- i'm not sure i understand this one. if you are asking how to get through the firewall, there is a grommett on the passenger side. it's about 3 inches wide and has a few wires going into it. i reached in behind the glove compartment to pull it through and up behind the radio.

c- i think you can DIY. there is def enough info on this website to help you through it.

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