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What is tri-state?

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tri-state is new york, new jersey, and Connecticut.:icon_mrgr



not new york, new jersey, Pennsylvania.


Tri-State Region - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Tri-State Region is commonly used in the area surrounding New York City to unambiguously refer to the greater metropolitan area. Sometimes the phrase is shortened to "the Tri-State," or "the Tri-State Area" is used instead. The term is especially favored in advertising and the broadcast news media, but is used in common speech as well. Roughly speaking, the New York Tri-State area encompasses the populated areas in the states of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut (hence the term "tri-state") that are within a typical commuting distance of Manhattan, either by car or rail, or alternatively, the coverage area of the broadcast television stations that operate from Manhattan.



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i don't know of any other region that has a so-called "tri-state area"


Chicago is fairly frequently referred to as being illinois/indiana/wisconsin tri state. I didn't know it but:


Other large metropolitan areas with a tri-state area include Cincinnati, Memphis, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.


The "Joplin District" Lead-Zinc Mining region of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri produced mineral specimens famous throughout the world as "Tri-State" minerals.


Of the 62 points where three states join, there are 38 tripoints with markers on land in the United States.

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