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some more stage 2 1/4 times


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decided to run tonite again, 90 degrees, low humidity



cobb st. 2

avo panel filter

lachute dp

helix up

perrin catback


best i ran was a 13.29 missing fourth gear at 103.7 with a 1.95 60'


best trap was 105.8 with a 13.33 and 2.16 60'



previous best was a 13.225 @ 104.7 or so with a 1.97 60', and that was in 40 degree colder weather

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it's something to think about later when I decide to flog my GT some.. just have to save up for that uppipe, downpipe and get a high flow cat with a straight pipe and a stage 2 setup to make it harder for the other cars on track to pass me exiting out of the corners.. sounds like some really good gains.. how are the pulls in 3rd to 4th? How's the pull from 3000 rpms and up? That's where I really like to see some numbers for coming out of a corner during a track event. It's too bad that drags are done just from a dig and only allows 1/4 runs.. I would like to see a place where I can see some 1-mile long pulls..
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