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Single din Cubby Navi System Issue


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So i have done the cubby swap that many people have done with the single din kit and installed an eclipse avn7000 nav system in there. If you are not farmiliar with the unit it is the type that the screen flips out and opens like pioneer units etc. For anyone considering getting a nav system of this type one of the things i really like about the one i chose is that you have the option to change the color of the lights on the unit itself (open or closed) to be blue or red and the red matches our interior very nicely for a more OEM finish.

Now the issue i've been having is that i since i went stage II with pro-tune from TDC if i launch the car with the screen flipped up then the force from accelerating causes the screen to flip back down 1 or 2 notches. The screens position is controlled from the unit and i can flip it back up afterwords, but its annoying to have to worry about this happening and possibly breaking the screen. Has anyone had a similar issue to this, or can think of a solution to prop it up or something so it won't flip down from aggressive accelerating because lately i've just been scared to have it open and it sucks. This is very annoying any ideas / help would be appreciated !

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