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Auto Climate Control in a 2005 SUBARU LEGACY 2.5I will it work? PLEASE HELP


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The answer is yes, and no.


You could possibly make it work but its much more then the control, you would need to buy the entire auto HVAC system, which includes a computer, some special tubing, and about ohhhh a few hundred in parts, you would have to take apart your entire dash and pray that you got everything in the correct OEM location and would probably have to replace some of the vents as well.


So if you are sane.. No


If you are that crazy about getting an auto climate control system that doesnt work that well and willing to spend about a grand in time and labor, yes.


Also remember the auto climate control and the radio are one piece (in the GT and the limited+SE), so you would have to spend $650 out of the gate just to get the raido and the controls then whatever parts you would have to replace the entire guts of a/c dash

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