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custom intake secrets/how to!!!!

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moderators please show so mercy and let this thread stay in the 2.5i forum..


well i dont think ill be making these any more so here's the secrets and what you need..dont have exact measurments for the exact cuts but ii posted the basics below


what you need::


1. eBay Motors: NEW 00 01 SUBARU IMPREZA RS 2.5L COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM (item 260001205904 end time Jun-28-06 18:38:13 PDT)

2. panel filter of your choice

3. hack saw

4. one extra 2.5"/3" rubber connector

5. one extra 2.5" rubber connector


note: manual trans will need a "T" fitting for the extra hose ya'll have



also you will have extra pipe the pieces are very long as in pic on bottom







pic below is what the ebay intake looks like on an impreza


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What or how would we deal with this?

note: manual trans will need a "T" fitting for the extra hose ya'll have

This was a "rumor" started my ME! I bought the first intake from ldc2335, and found that I needed an extra part... I thought it was a manual vs. auto thing, but it turned out to be '05 vs. '06. If you have an '06 you will need an extra tee, and another part to make it work. I have to get some service work done this Friday, so I will take pictures when I put it all back to stock, and document the install for y'all.


Speaking of this service, has anyone else received a notice saying that their 2.5i was released from the factory with too much chlorine in the coolant? They're going to flush it for free, but I'm concerned it will cause long term reliability issues... I already have 8 months and 10,000 miles on the thing.

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hmmmm.....whats the point of posting in a n/a thread if ya have a GT...:confused:




Good point, sorry guys, just haven't seen any numbers as to HOW MUCH power it gives you, and wouldn't seem much to me if you only are N/A...but, I wouldn't know :icon_wink...

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Anybody have a sound clip with the new intake installed?


The only reason I ask is because I removed the sound dampener on my airbox the day I got my car and it sounds great. I just wanted to hear the differance.

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