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I love the UPS man!!


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He left these for me while I was @ work today. Now if the damn tires would just show up, i'd be set:icon_mad: Before the anti-rivet nazis show up, I'm not the biggest fan of them, but I couldn't beat the deal I got on them:hide:






18x8 (48mm offset)

Have Camera...Will Travel

~2007 LegacyGT.com Calendar (October)~

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nice lip and the rivets are hot, don't worry about what others say :D


they looks like tenzo's without the tenzo caps.....nice lip...what's the specs on the rims? the spokes are pretty straight (don't look like the "faux-lips") which usually doesn't fit Subaru's...nice look :)


hope I'm making sense...lip + straight spokes usually does not = subarus :D (at least in my understanding)...but ur's might!

In Taiwan now...:spin:
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