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Fried Amp!! grrr


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ok, heres what i got running: 2006 alpine 9857 HU, alpine sirius adapter, MP3car.com's 7'' motorized touch screen, a dc powerconvertor, a laptop w/external usb soundcard & gps antenna, (an old but f'n awesome) 400 watt earthquake amp, one 12'' MTX subwoofer (the earthquake cannot be bridged and can power two...but one is more than enough for me :p ...the other set of leads are just not hooked up to anything) , 2006 memphis 75x2 amp (FRIED), beautiful 2006 6.5'' eclipse component speakers, 2000 6.5'' eclipse coaxial speakers in the back (powered by HU), and um...thats it (i think). the problem is my memphis amp was clipping when i would turn up the volume on the HU. then it died. then i took it back to be repaired. the repaired one clipped and died right away. i checked (wiht my multimeter) a short in the rca cables, the 12 v power lined to the amp, the resistivity of hte speakers (3.8 ohms), and the remote line (all before i hooked up the repaired amp). everything is good. my stereo store is telling me that i may not have enough juice (amps) in the car to power all that and the amp fried cause it didnt get enough power when i needed it. the gain on everything was turned below 1/2. the volume was relatively low (1/4 max) on the HU. everything else worked fine when it (the memphis amp) died. any comments on the power coming from the alternator/battery? or any ideas on what else to check? or anything smart i can say to my f'n stereo store dudes?


thanks guys



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