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Subaru Legacy 2001 B4 RSK

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What side of the road do you guys drive on in Ireland? That looks like a right hand drive. If my hazy, drunken memory of Dublin serves me right, don't you guys drive on the right hand side of the road? (Not that it matters, it's still a hot Legacy). Welcome.
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oH wow Ireland, when I was there a few years ago i didnt see a single Subaru there. I did see lots of green pastures(sp) and I also learned never to ask directions from an old person in Ireland!! It seemed as though they would give you wrong directions just for the fun of it.... Although we had an awesome time, I had to drive some crappy Nissan Micra or Sunny I cant remember.


Welcome and thats a good looking car!!!!



tHe HoV

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Yeah its on the right hand side dame as Japan, SUbarus are everyehere in Ireland the import scene is HUGE, like for sir civic to r34gtr's u name it some one has it, rx7's big opver here aswell.


Well at the moment my b4 has tein suspension, and a blitz ssqv ,


Rolling roaded at 282bhp/303ft plb trq


Do see who it oges opver the next few months.

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