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07 Spec B vs 91 Galant VR-4

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34,000 vs 6500~


monthly payments:

700~ vs 300~



60 vs 12


the vr-4 is modded


anyone know anything about the Galant vr-4?


problems, things i should look at before purchase...

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I'll preface what I have to say with the fact that I'm a die-hard DSMer. I've been, since '92, and likely always will be. I still have a "fun" DSM in my garage.




What you need to ask yourself is what kind of transportation you're looking for. Even upkept in mint condition, down-time of some length - be it a day or a week - needs to be expected of an automobile that's over 10 years old. The presence of power-enhancing modifications only throws an added variable to this factor.


I've had nothing but ultra-reliable DSMs. And yes, while I know that this may be perceived as something "rare" by those outside the DSM community, actually, once you step inside, you'll note that as long as you religiously perform upkeep of the vehicle, even older, spiced-up DSMs can be quite reliable.


However, as everyday cars, I can also tell you from experience that no matter your upkeep, every morning, when you hear your 10+ year-old, souped-up 4G63 fire-up, you do breath a sigh of relief, and quietly thank whatever higher-power you may believe in. ;)

<-- I love Winky, my "periwinkle" (ABP) LGT! - Allen / Usual Suspect "DumboRAT" / One of the Three Stooges

'16 Outback, '16 WRX, 7th Subaru Family

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