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Looking at 06 Legacy


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Love these forums as they've been very helpful. Have a question; I've test driven a '06 LGT Ltd. with MT. Love the car and dealer has quoted $26,200 (net of $1500 rebate). Price seems OK as dealer invoice in CT seems to be $27,667, but I'm not sure if I should be more aggressive on an '06. They also quoted following installed options:

- Short throw shifter- $440

- Gauge Package- $710

- Armrest- $162

- Mirror wCompass & Homelink- $250

Local Dealer has advised he's bottomed out. Do I proceed or try other dealers. Don't need to get the absolute best deal just want to make sure I'm not leaving significant $$$ on the table. Your advice.



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Go to carsdirect.com and price out a car you want. Take that price and subtract $500-$1000 and that should be your target price. Don’t bother visiting anymore dealers in person, just go to Subaru.com and email them for a quote. You generally get the best price through the “internet sales manager”. BTW, the published dealer invoice is really not their cost because there are ~$1000 hold back and another $500 of manufacturer to dealer cash right now. Don't get the STI STS, you can get the Kart Boy one for ~$100. Don't know about the gauge pack, I know they are available for the WRX but I didn't think they are available for the LGT too. The Armrest is pretty useless and the Homelink is actually a lot more useful than I expected. Get the subwoofer if you don't expect to upgrade the stock sound system.

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I have been following most of the new price threads and the going rate on LGT's seems to be right at 25K I think you have at least 1K more to negotiate...

As for the options I can only comment on the armrest the going rate on that seems to be $130. I would go for it a worthy cheap upgrade.

Lets see some pics of the guage package!

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