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Looking at 06 Legacy


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Love these forums as they've been very helpful. Have a question; I've test driven a '06 LGT Ltd. with MT. Love the car and dealer has quoted $26,200 (net of $1500 rebate). Price seems OK as dealer invoice in CT seems to be $27,667, but I'm not sure if I should be more aggressive on an '06. They also quoted following installed options:

- Short throw shifter- $440

- Gauge Package- $710

- Armrest- $162

- Mirror wCompass & Homelink- $250

Local Dealer has advised he's bottomed out. Do I proceed or try other dealers. Don't need to get the absolute best deal just want to make sure I'm not leaving significant $$$ on the table. Your advice.



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Thanks for your response. Sorry for the double-post. Just to be clear the $26,200 was excluding the options listed. Just the car net of rebate excl. tax, MV, etc.


Can afford to wait for '07's, but other than the folding seat (have slight interest), the other changes are of marginal value to me. Also, the new electronic engine mapping switch in the '07's seems gimicky and likely to complicate any performance mods. that I might want to make in the future. More concerned that dealers will quote closer to MSRP with no rebate or low interest rate support until later in the model year. Admittedly, didn't do a lot of other pricing as local dealer gave me what I thought was a good deal out of the box. Basically dealer "cost" according to Edmunds and CarsDirect of approx. $27,700 minus the $1500. I was aware that they were making the hold-back of course and didn't see anything about dealer cash. Would seem that it's likely to push out the '06's. Probably a good idea to get some other quotes via the net- too much time involved to visit other dealers.

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