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'92 Legacy 2.2 will not start (intermittent)

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Hello, all.


New to Subarus...

We just got a '96 Legacy L Wagon, AWD 2.2(na) and auto tranny. After we got it, the code for the knock sensor came up. I have not gotten a new one for it just yet, but this past week, I have noticed a trend. After parking the car for 15-30 minutes after a drive, the car would not start. Crank over... but nothing. I was solo, with no shop manual. It would take anything from 3 attempts to 15 attempts (pausing between) to get the car to fire. Once it di, it came to life as if it was just getting a trickle of fuel. Nothing like an ignition issue.


It has been hot... 95-100's in middle Georgia where I was. I started thinking of a form of vapor lock... but I couldn't find the pressure test port in the fuel rail. As luck would have it, it fired right up after that search. I had also tried the old Jeep "issue" of wiggling the crank position sensor... at least thats what it looked like... front of the engine behind the crank pulley.


The car doesn't stall. Cold start is no problem. I also couldn't locate the fuel pump relay(s) at that time either, due to not having either the owners manual or shop manual in the car.


The car has keyless entry, but I tried sitting in the car, locking the doors and then starting it, so I guess there is no interupt in the fuel pump.


Any other ideas? I'm new to the breed, but not new to maintenance. :icon_mrgr

Avid Jeep owner... so you know my wrenches stay dirty.:icon_cool





Not that anyone would ever come across this singular post... but if you do and ever wondered... the problem was the crank position sensor.

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