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Any of the blue badges fit a 2000-2004 OB?

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Hey all. :)


I know the "i" is for Impreza (or at least I'd assume so :D ), but I'm looking to swap out my wife's black stock badge with a blue six-star or "i" ...


I think the 2002-2003 WRX had black badges, then went to blue in 2004. The shape looks a little too tall and oblong to fit the 200-2004 Legacy/Outback but I'm not positive, and don't have one to check.





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Paint your own badge. It is very easy. Remove your grill if removable (i own a wrx, i dunno about ur car). Prey your stock badge off with something like a butterknife. Do not use a screwdriver, you will damage your grill.


Once off remove all the double sided tape from the back of the badge. Then sand the paint off the back of the badge. I used 150 grit. Your badge will look hazy during the sanding, but trust me after you paint it, you will cannot tell at all. Paint it any color you want, I just used nail polish. :p



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