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Tokyo Drift


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any one else know where the b9 was?


well ill tell ya. when the old car goes to race the viper in the construction site in the beginning. like the 3rd car through the gate.... b9 tribeca! oh yeah baby!


but i thought the movie was pretty good. it was about more then shooting blue flames and using the nawzzzz!


the vindeisel part at the end was lame

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A big bumpo!!!

I just watched it


And overall, I liked it.


Some details I got frustrated about were:

1. Highschool kids are not alowed to drive in Japan. Licence age is 18. They should have upped their age to like college or something

2. When they raced on highway and got clocked doing 197 km/h. Police won't chace them, but instead they would deploy units everywhere to intercept.

3. The point where the Sean meets the Yakuza... blah... it was kinda lame.

4. They haven't observed Japanese youth enough. Thats not they way they act, dress, dance etc...

5. Evo is not a drift car

6. Filming was all over the place. They tried to depict the landmarks of tokyo but totally failed to understand the distance required to travel from one ot another, and such thing as traffic... It's like trying to race in Times Square NY.

7. They used a non Japanese guy to do the main Japanese baddie. Not a good idea.


Good parts:

1. Rides were cool. Not too flashy, but definetly fast and none of the crap Civics.

2. Atmosphere of movie was very good.

3. Acting suprisingly decent. Minor role, but well done by Sean's father.

4. Camera work was very good.

5. Chicks were hot, although mostly not Japanese

6. The very end. Friggin awesome for FnF series fan. Lifted the whole movie up a notch.


I seriosly don't understand why people don't like movies like this. It's entertainment and it's not trying to be anything else. Plus, it got something we all like: Cars!!! and chicks....

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