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Rear Stabalizer/Sway Bar Install & First Impressions (Cusco 21 mm)


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Standard Disclaimer: Use this info at your own risk. I'm not an expert.


Thanks to Subietonic for his "JDM 20MM Rear Sway Bar Install Instructions (w/pics)" thread--great instructions.


Read it first; I've just added a few things below.


A few notes of my own:


REMOVE MUFFLER HANGERS: Most everyone has said to do this. I tried at first without doing this (had trouble removing the hangars)--not good. Removing them gives you several more inches of needed clearance. They're hard to get off, but as Subietronic said, just push them away from the little knob end, spray with WD-40, then pry/push on the top edge of the rubber to force it over the knob end--push VERY hard, they will come off if you've sprayed them.


REMOVE ONE TIRE: This might not be a must, but it helped me manuver the RSB out of one side. I put the entire rear up on jack stands vs. ramps.



-- 14 mm socket (endlinks)

-- 12 mm socket (3" deep socket or use extension; sway bar mounts)

-- Ratchet

-- Needle-nose Vise Grips (I used these to clamp down on the ball side of the endlink; you need a real narrow tool; I love Vise Grips because you can clamp them on and not even have to hold it, then focus on the socket ratchet)

-- WD 40

-- Jack, jack stands (many have just used ramps)

-- Tire Iron

-- Blocks to chock front tires

-- Shop light

-- Rags

-- Grease, oil, etc, to lightly lube the inside of RSB rubber mounts (some RSBs come with it)


ENDLINK REMOVAL: You only need to loosen the bottom (closest to ground) bolt and disconnect the upper from the stock RSB.





I've only driven it about 20 minutes on some back roads and parking lots. I'm all stock except KDW tires and Endless brake pads.


The car immediately felt tighter--less body roll. Accellerating out of a corner, the the rear now felt "supported" where as before lean was excessive IMHO. Before, I thought the Subaru felt a fair amount like an Accord (I had a 95 wagon) and not that exciting handling-wise (not bad, just not real exciting--too much roll and slop); now it's crossed into "spirited" and has some excitement.


I had a blast accellerating out of corners. If you swerve back and forth, you can tell the car is much tighter.


As far as ride comfort, seems fine. A little less independent but well worth the handling gain.


Will later install my FSB (Cusco 23 mm) and see how I like that. I like the nimble, spirited feel of the RSB--not sure if FSB will diminish that.


Bottom line: Great, easy, cheap mod for noticeably improved handling.



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we just installed my Cobb RSB with the reinforced brackets. i'll have to post up some pics of them. a bit harder than what everyone said, especially because of the brackets. haven't driven the car just yet (we JUST finished). took about an hour total using air tools. we did break a cheap set of 14mm sockets. oh well.. they were cheap after all.
Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!
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