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just ordered a perrin cbe


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i finally ordered an exhaust, after much pondering i decided on the perrin cbe

i searched and found many pics and sound clips but not much in the way of fitment, quality, and hp gains can anyone help out.

btw i am currently running my ap at stage 1 91 octane mode if that helps any, and i have no other performance mods except for a gfb bov if that even counts:icon_bigg

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i want to keep my car emissions legal so i am keeping all or the cats in and as good as high hp is i dont need the car to be a rocket, i will not be racing it full out possibly just some auto-x so i want to focus most of my spending on suspension.

i just bought the exhaust for the deep growl and to open it up a little bit, plus i heard that the most restrictive part of the exhaust is actually the mid pipe, and for some reason i drive better when i can hear my exhaust

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You'll definitely get an earful. It's definitely one of the louder systems. Very aggressive sound, great if that's what you're going after.


Fitment seems to be somewhat variable - but it's something we've come to expect of Perrin products. ;) Most often cited issue is a minor left/right muffler canister/tip hang-down distance difference, but this can be easily corrected by "clamping" your hangers.


Finish and weld-quality seem to have received universal praise, especially for the price.


Enjoy this piece, it's a good one. :)

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