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Factory HID


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Well I was at the dealer today to pick up some oil filters and while I was talking to the parts dept. manager about why the Legacy don't have HID's as an option, he told me some Outback models have HID from the factory. He confirmed it by saying he saw the actual HID unit and told me ballast, ignitor and headlight housing would cost around 1k(all genuine subaru parts, according to him).


Can anyone confirm this?

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HIDs are not available on any Subarus in the U.S. except for the WRX STI. They are available as options on the Legacy and Outback in other countries.


2006 Legacy GT Ltd · 2011 Outback 3.6R Ltd · 1992 SVX

2006 Outback 3.0R VDC · 2009 Forester 2.5X

2002 Outback VDC · 1996 Outback 2.5L · 1986 GL-10

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I have it here in a specsheet (sorry, I don't have a scanner at hand), and I've seen them at the dealer. But I think you don't have the 3.0R legacy in the US anyway, it's not in the webpage a least.


Dude are you located in the US?

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