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what wires did u tap for the aftermarket hu?


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im gonna install a kenwood hu in the cubby and was wondering if you guys used the wires from the stock radio? my concern is overtaxing the stock fuse rating....


or i may just install some fuse taps... just wondering what others did?

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you wont tax any fuse rating with a headunit to be honest...


for color guide reference:


Radio 12v blue/red + radio harness

Radio Ground black - radio harness

Radio Ignition yellow/red + radio harness

Radio Illumination purple + radio harness

Power Antenna yellow/black + radio harness

LF Speaker +/- brown/white - green +,- radio harness

RF Speaker +/- red/yellow - white/black +,- radio harness

LR Speaker +/- white/red - red/black +,- radio harness

RR Speaker +/- blue/yellow - red/white +,- radio harness

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