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ej20 turbo HELP!

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hey just thought seeing you guys are such a well run community that some one could or would have knowledge that could help me, ok firstly im not a newbie ok... ive worked on subarus for a number of years now but one small thing has me stumped.. and i just cannot figure it out. here we go, please bare with me as the problem is somewhat hard to put into words....


car crusing along road, smoothly i might add. then all of a sudden almost asif a fuel cut or the engine loosing spark on the plugs either looses power totaly down to 800 - 1000rpm the power light flashes green a few times and wont do anything unless u give it a hell of a good boot and it comes back to life and its all okay... other times it will totaly stall in the most inconvient places and struggle to restart. now this engine is okay, ive just re-built it and its in tip top condition the thing ive suspected is a transmission fault. sounds silly but thats all that i can think of, its got a new fuel pump, replaced the fuel filter and the injectors are clean (last i saw 2 months ago) and running on 96 octane. so not a fuel issue. the spark.. i.e the spark plugs and cables are all okay, what a job to replace them though on a boxer type engine.. anyone had this problem? im realy stumped and if it is a transmission fault like ive thought it must purely be electrical because its not an ongoing problem.. happens once in a blue moon but HELLA anoying when it dose it...


the car specs as follows

1992 Subaru Legacy GT. ej20 turbo



any help is much appreciated thank you..

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just a quick reply. engine shot if anyone needs to see exactly what engine it is... was a heavy cut off point around 91-92 and not many cars EXACTLY like this one... such a shame engine is in realy good condition.. :( gets ya down a bit when u have put so much time into it....


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