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New Sti catalogue for the bl/bp sedan D-type


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Hey guys I was just checking out the new catalogue and look what i found. Sti stuff for the JDM 07 legacy. The only really new parts have to be the front lips, but those legacys look soo nice.




I think it is time for a new legacy banner



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I got to get this.


You can do that yourself with a little bit of vinyl and a heat gun. I might do that this weekend if I get bored enough. It wouldn't take long at all to wrap your mirror exactly like that.


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

O C D E T A I L S . C O M


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Me likey the black console/radio!!! it looks so much better than the silver that scratches when I breath on it...


That shifter knob looks cool but I bet it gets to 10,000 degrees when the sun is beating on it!




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