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Dealers out of legacy GT's???

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I have been trying to convince a friend to buy a legacy gt instead of the Passat and today went with him to look them up. But the only thing the dealer had was a outback sedan.


Is that normal..I know the 07's are comming but having none in the lot? Are they selling too many or not selling so not getting any from the factory. I even checked another dealer nearby and they also showed no GT's instock online.

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I always have trouble finding actual stock, too. But yesterday on autotrader, I saw plenty of dealers in various parts of the country that had 15-25 Legacys in stock...


That certainly is not the case in Iowa. Davenport (Northpark Auto Plaza) and Dubuque usually don't have much. Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Waterloo (C&S) might have a handfull, but they may be out of stock at this point in the year, waiting for 07s to be delivered.


Ramsey Subaru in Des Moines has one GT. It is an 06 Silver/black leather/automatic. They also have 2-3 2.5i sedans on the lot. not much for Legacy wagons, but a few outbacks. At least what I saw trolling the lot the other night on the way home.




Otherwise, Stan Olsen in Omaha, and Edwards-Archer Subaru, in Council Bluffs might have some. I am not sure if you or your freind get that far west at all... But dealers can sometimes trade around...



On quick glance, they show three GTs, and 4 2.5i-s. The GTs are a manual sedan, automatic sedan, and automatic wagon. No colors immediately listed, but a closer look might show that info.


I was there about a month and a half ago, and IIRC, they had an Atlantic Blue/Taupe, Garnet Red/Black, and two Black/Black cars, one 05 and one 06. I am trying to remember, but I think one of the black cars was a manual trans car, and the 05 black/black may have been non-limited (cloth, no sunroof.)



Stan olsen has 3 2.5i-SEs, and three GTs. One white/taupe 06 GT, an 05 Atlantic Blue demo car, and a red/taupe/automatic 05 GT. (rare 2005 only configuration) All three GTs are Automatics.


Hope that helps.

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At least regarding wagons, here's the response I got from SOA when I inquired as to why I could find none in my area:


"Thank you for visiting the Subaru Web site and for your interest in a Legacy 2.5GT Wagon. I just searched all of New England and there are no 2006 Legacy 2.5GT Wagons available. I then searched New York dealers. There are only two at dealerships in New York:


Smith Cairns Subaru

900 Central Park Ave

Yonkers , NY 10704



Colonial Motor Cars Ltd.

Route 9W Byp

Kingston, NY 12401



Yes, we will be offering the Legacy 2.5GT Wagon in the 2007 model year. The 2007 Legacy models should begin arriving at Subaru dealerships next month. The information/changes for the 2007 Legacy models has not yet been released. This information should be available next month also.


Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance. If you need any future assistance, please let us know.


Best wishes,



Subaru of America, Inc.

Customer/Dealer Services Department"

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There are plenty at my local dealer in Limerick, PA as well. Haven't noticed any wagons, but there are plenty of sedans. The masses prefer their Suburbans and Yukons and such. They can't be troubled with puny sedans. Hence... plenty of stock at the dealer here. :)
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When I was shopping this spring the local dealer in Monrovia, CA was out of LGTs each time. The salesman said they just couldn't keep them in stock. Plenty of Outbacks and WRXs, though.
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It's getting pretty slim pickings in most of canada. Just recently picked ours up, and our choices were the dark blue dealer test car, a black or a red. That was all our dealer found within any reasonable distance of us. Now all the dealership here has left is 1 maybe 2 2.5i's.
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Garnet red went to black only interior for 2006, and is gone entirely for 2007. Interior color choice regardless of paint color was only available for 2005.


Garnet red was limited to the Legacy GT only, and the Outback XT and 3.0R sedan. So it isn't as common as other colors that were available on any outback or legacy.


Limiteds are more common than non-limited, Sedans more common than wagons, and automatics more common than manual, and the wagons lost the manual transmission for 06, as well.


An 05 GRP GT non-limited, taupe cloth interior, manual transmission wagon is probably the most rare. I think someone figured there may have been perhaps fewer than 150 of those built with that exact configuration. Other variations, sedans, limiteds, etc.. were probably built in slightly higher numbers.


But it isn't like there are all that many Legacys sold of any configuration... so it is all a matter of degree.

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Hope you didn't buy from monrovia. They all seem clueless there.

No, we actually bought used from a Honda dealer in Valencia. The salesman used to work at a Subaru dealership and was clearly an enthusiast.

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