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2006 GT - Stock Alternator Headroom?

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Long story short - I used to be an installer and I had a nice Sound Quality competition system in my old car. After 13 years I finally bought a new car two weeks ago (2006 Legacy GT Sedan). Love the car, hate the stereo. I've been out of the install business for about 8 years now so I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to advancements and events in that arena.


My question is - how much headroom does the Stock Alternator have - i.e. under normal operating circumstances how much current can you expect to use for a sound system before you start to strain the stock alternator?


I'm planning on a small system - either 2 RF Punch 45 (new 25 to life series) or finding an old 60ix to compliment a 40i I've had in mothballs since I bought it. Either way, the system should have about 400 w and draw about 28 amps. (400w/14.4v)


Of course, music is dynamic and the current draw will also vary, so it's a little bit harder to tell how the amps will affect the car's electrical system. I plan to use at least 1 farad of capacitance as part of the install.


Does anyone have experience or advice on how much strain you can put on the stock alternator? Sorry for the long post - it's my first one, I signed up today and am really excited by the expertise and courtesy I see in the other posts.

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I have 850W in mine...No problems at all, but I'm not a terribly abusive listener. I wouldn't go over 1 kW total RMS power under any circumstances with the stock alternator.




Stock Alternator

2AWG main power wire

Amp ground to the side wall of the spare tire well

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