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Vortex Valve?

Bob N

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I assume its similar to the Vornado, a device that installs into the intake tract and creates a vortex of air which contrary to the claims, is over turbulent and hurts performance. If that's the case, there's a reason its advertised on late night/early morning infomercials and not tested on F1 cars.
ignore him, he'll go away.
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WSJ.com - More Mileage for Hummers?


Believe it or not. The WSJ put this Vortex Value on the front page of today's technology section. I have already contacted the WSJ and they are interested in buying a share in the Brooklyn Bridge....:confused:


p.s. However, DO NOT add a Turbonator with the VV. You will actually create more gas that you use. In this case, your gas tank overflows and your LGT explodes.:icon_wink

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