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Had a scary morning

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I was driving to work, while Alberto is pounding my drive with some nice rain. As I'm going down the small 2 lane street (25mph speed limit) to reach the building, a semi is going the opposite direction and takes up the whole road (he's in the middle of the road). I had to veer off the road and hit an angled curb I would call it. Its not straight up like this _| but more like this _/ and I hit it head on with the right front (wheels pointed straight) at about 5-10mph. Heard a loud bang and I emmidiately thought I effed something up.


On lunch break I ended up looking over my right front wheel and there was no visible scratch or dent. So, I took it for a quick drive. Steering felt just as it did before, wheel was still pointed straight and I had no vibration when going 60mph. Right now it looks like everything is fine, but we'll see what happens when I install my springs and get an alignment.


Im thinking that there is a little bit of damage (hardly noticable) done to the suspension.

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