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Hotchkis Tuning Sways?


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I was talking to COBB today and he almost admitted that they got their sways from Hotchkis. He said, "well there is only a couple of benders in the country that can make hollow sways". I think he caught himself from admitting it.
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at least he didn't try and tell you larger sway bars can kill you...


As a matter of fact they can. Two ways:


Mismatched front and rear bars can induce wild over-steer.


Non reinforced rear mounts can break. Wouldn't want that to happen at speed would you?


And if you think that just slapping on any old set of big brakes will make your car stop better look at Stoptech.com and read their technical papers.:icon_twis

"Belief does not make truth. Evidence makes truth. And belief does not make evidence."
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