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Possible valve cover repair?


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I have been looking for a 06 LGT 5MT in black for the longest time, and finally have found one in my area. I had went to look at the vehicle and found a few things that concern me.

-When I had opened the hood, there were what appears to be sign of oil spillage

on the engine cover around where you put the oil in.

-On what, if I remember correctly, the timing cover on the same side as ^, there

seems to be a white sticker that has been ripped off....still has part of it on there.

-Also, which I did not notice but my freind did, on the valve cover (same side again as the rest above) he noticed there was a good amount of what seems to be gasket sealer, but only on the front portion of the valve cover. He said its real thick and to him seems like maybe they tried to fix a leak.

The car has 50 miles on it, and I have not been able to look under the hood of other legacys. My freind keeps telling me he really thinks that this car had maybe a leak issue and looks like they worked on it. Also, under the hood it is not one of the cleanest engine bays youd expect from a new car.

Is this "gray gasket sealer" normal around the valve cover? I reeeallly want a

legacy, but not sure if I should purchase this car or maybe I should just wait for 07. Any suggestions/opinions please. thank you

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